Delaware Handrails and Railings
you'll get me quicker by emailing me at
Graydie Welding is named after our daughters Graycie and Edie.
If I've done a handrail for you that has faded over time or is rusting message me your address and next time I'm close I'll paint it with my new high gloss industrial enamel. No charge.
Our previous house in Richardson Park.
Today's work, 5/18/2016, second balcony built over the main entrance. Tomorrow I'll clean it up and get it painted.
First balcony is done! 5/16/2016 One more to go.
Been busy all week here 5/14/2016
I built and installed 3 sets of handrails
and Monday 5/14/2016 I'll move up to do both balconies.
Today's work in Dover 5-6-2016
This 5 foot tall steel flower is $300 and ready for Mother's Day.
This 6 foot tall steel flower is $300 and ready for Mother's Day.
Here's a set of arm wrests I quickly bent from 2 short pieces of scrap flat bar for my Amish friends buggy. How many contractors can say the Amish come to them for work?
Today's work next to Hagley Library
Today's work in Wilmington 4/21/2016
Last weeks work in Sussex County
3/26/2016 Today 2 men in a box truck came to pick up this order for a 10 foot wide version of The Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh.
This is a new decarative vault door I made and installed today 3/21/2016. Check the size of those hinges.

Small business supporting small business is a beautiful thing! A huge thank you to Graydie Welding Outdoor Art Gallery for custom making this gorgeous replica of my logo! The detail work is stunning and I am so proud to display it in my office.

Today's work in Elkton March 11 2016.
Thanks you for a great job today on my daughter's town home. I will be sure to give your name out to anyone who needs you! Diane Hamilton realtor at Patterson Schwartz.
Today's work, 3/8/16
for one of the local labor union's training director.
Today's work in Dover 3/5/2016
Today's handrail 3/1/2016 in North Wilmington
Today's work in North Wilmington 2/26/2016
Today's work in Dover 2/22/2016
Today's work in Wilmington 2/20/2016
Today's work in Wilmington, 2/19/2016
I spent the last 2 days installing decorative solid steel overlays at Kelly's Logan House in Wilmington. 2/18/2016
This oversized $300 body piece is ready 2/15/16.
Solid steel male body sculpture 5 feet high and very heavy. $250
This is a 10 feet by 9 feet piece I made for a local customer. 2/14/16
I did not make the piece above but I did use it as a model to make the 2  pieces below. They are painted and ready to go.




Out to dinner with my younger brother and his family and look what's on the wall Brian Bachman!!

---Sophie DuPont at Bistro Jacques in Wilmington Delaware

I had my 3rd knee surgery 2 weeks ago so I've been postponing jobs but I am back. I built this handrail today 2/10/2016 in Magnolia.
I just picked up my daughter at Central Middle School in Dover. Here's another example of why you should never let a contractor bore big holes in anything outside.
Today's work 1/20/16 in Dover Delaware
Today's work 1/17/16 on Bryant's Corner Rd.
Today's work in Camden Delaware
Dover Delaware
Today's work near Blairs Pond
Camden Delaware
Today's handrails 12/5/2015 in Felton Delaware.
Today's handrail 12/3/15 in Newport Delaware.
Today's work 11/30/2015 in North Wilmington
Looks great Brian. My parents were really impressed with your caftsmanship.----Frank Pagliaro of Franks Wine in Wilmington.
Last weeks handrails on a beautiful house on the bay in Annapolis Maryland
This is one of my local competitors work at my daughters doctors office here in Dover. Don't let anyone drill big holes in your outside brick block stone or concrete.  And plastic/vinyl handrails are as inferior as they sound.
they keep trying to patch it but at this point it is hopeless. The entire ramp has to be removed and replaced then a proper set of handrails installed. I wonder much money was wasted here?

I'll have this ready for installation in early spring 2016. This is an unfinished promotional piece for Graydie Welding. I will give away to someone who is willing to take care of it in a place where it will get maximum exposure.

Latest project
Brian Bachman, you added such class to North Union Street today! -----Frank Pagliaro
11/25/2015, my wife and I donating Platelets at the blood bank
Today's work 10/31/2013 in North Wilmington
I went to this beautiful house today 10/14/2015  ---
and found this crooked mess out back,
so again I spent the day ripping out another welders recent work.
And I installed a proper handrail for another happy customer.
Thank you so much! You are great at what you do! I can't believe you made it and installed it on site!
The steps look amazing!  Thank you so much! 


Today's work 10/14/2015
I added this center matching handrail.
Great job on the handrail. Thanks. ----Ken
Today's work 10/6/2015 in North Star.

This guy works for one of the states largest contractors sending out bid invitations to hundreds of other contractors including 50 local welding outfits. But he called Graydie Welding to do the work at his house.

We love it. Thanks for the quick service. Good job. ------Bill

Today's work 9/28/2015

15 feet of pipe railing 80 miles away and I didn't leave here until I got everyone fed and off to school. Back in time to welcome them home.


A gift from William K DuPont of Newark Delaware for getting a dozen 20' deer stands and 25 goose nesting platforms built and installed in a very limited amount of time. 1925 Severn Hall

3 years ago...
Today's work  9/15/2015
in Paoli
31 feet of pipe rail
It was 3 years ago I spent a week volunteering with artist Robert Stackhouse rebuilding his brass sculpture The Delaware Passage at The Copeland Sculpture Garden located on the grounds of The Delaware Art Museum. This was my first time brazing brass and it worked out fantastic!
Today's work 8/27/2015. Rockford Park, Wilmington Delaware.
Not my work but work I admire. Having this is as easy as ordering the pieces and assembling on site. There is a lot to doing flower boxes right and I got that.
Trying to keep the kids on the sidewalk and out of the dirt/mud at my daughters school.


Mr. Bachman, I want to thank you for the amazing barrier rails in the back of
the school! Today was a true test and they really did the trick. Our entry and
dismissal procedure really ran so smoothly. I can't tell you the number of
positive comments from staff and students regarding these rails. We can't wait too add stone or mulch to really showcase them even further.
The new aluminum horses I made out of some scrap worked great today and they slip together nicely so they don't take up much room in the rig.
Some recent welding at a shooting range. Very interesting.
Sold $80, flower box for a deck.
Sold for $300 today 8/22/2015.
just heard back from The Harrington Post Office. I built then a small pipe railing.
another great job Brian....   --Harrington Post Office.
Today's work 8/18/2015, I installed this window guard in Wilmington.
My daughter called me and we were both happily surprised by the window guard! She didn't even know it was there. It's beautiful!!! Will have a check in tomorrow's mail.
I stopped by a friends house and checked in on the tall trellises we installed last year. His climbers are doing so well I can't see the trellises.

a year ago

Here are some solid steel flower garden borders. These are for those take their gardening seriously as they are about half the price of a handrail the same length.
Today's work    8/13/2015
I ripped out and replace a pipe railing at The Harrington Post Office.
Today 8/10/2015
I worked in North Wilmington at a condominium complex and made another happy customer.

12 feet tall. This will make a great climbing rose trellis. It needs a tight climber so it will maintain the cross shape in flower. $200.

it was a pain in the ass to grow but it went to a good cause.
Today's work 8/4/2015
Today's work 8/4/2015
For the last 2 days I've been installing new handrails in Caesar Rodney High School here in Camden Delaware.
and modifying existing handrails to meet ADA standards.
Today's work,
All position aluminum pipe welding on a rocking boat at Indian River Marina.
Today's work, 7/22/2015 in Wilmington Delaware.
I removed this old rusted handrail from the center of these steps....
then built and installed a new handrail on each side.
now the doors swing toward the handrails instead of away.
Today's work in Hockessin Delaware
Come pick something out at 100 Old North Rd.
I did some volunteer work up at Riverview Cemetery in Wilmington today.
People keep ripping the perimeter fence apart so they can cut thru the cemetery instead of walking around.
Here's more aluminum railing headed for the scrap yard. People keep putting it in and I keep ripping it out. Installing this of aluminum handrail and railing is a mistake people only make once.
some plasma cutting work.
For my daughter's teacher.
My butterfly bench.
Stop by 100 Old North Rd in Camden De.
I did not make this but I am anxiously waiting for someone to ask....
My current art project, as is on 7/12/2015.
Today's work in Rehoboth Delaware. 7/10/2015
Today's work in Lewes Delaware, 7/11/2015
Here's a handrail I built in Newark today July 1, 2015
Here's a 40 foot handrail I installed in town.
a recent handrail at the beach
Here's a handrail I built in Camden Delaware on Wednesday.

Today we dropped off 100 pounds of vegetables and The Dover Interfaith Housing Mission.

String beans, Sugar Snap Peas, Squash and Zucchini.

Here's a handrail I built in Camden Tuesday.
Volunteering at Firefly.
Here's another Wyoming Delaware handrail.
Today's work.
My work horse!
Here's an outside basement handrail I built today in Townsend Delaware.
A recent job in Wyoming Delaware
These crosses are about 16 inches. $40 each.
solid steel, very heavy!
This coming week I will install a handrail on both sides of these steps at this beautiful house in town.
Today 5/28/2015 I will volunteer at Riverview Cemetery in Wilmington repairing some old wrought iron fence.
they keep putting it in and I keep ripping it out.
It doesn't take people very long to realize getting talked into this junk was a costly mistake. These are almost as bad as vinyl handrails.
I built these 2 handrails in Laurel Delaware today 5/20/2015
yesterday's job May 14, 2015 on Milltown Rd.
Today's work in Oceanview Delaware, I'll do 2 more in the back of this house tomorrow.
 Today's work- 4 handrails in Chester County PA.
Here's an AC condenser guard I made and installed at Franks Wine in Wilmington. These run a little less than the condenser itself and while that seems like a lot it only seems like a lot until you have to replace the condenser.
a new utility trailer floor for a friend.
$60 each for the top 2, solid 1/2" steel square bar.
3' tall and $80.
a handrail in Smyrna Delaware.
Below is the steel Don Quixote Sculpture I was commissioned to replace.
My latest piece, a steel sculpture of Don Quixote. This was a $900 ordered piece that will be mounted in a garden in the suburbs of Washington DC. in 3 weeks.
much fun to make and I cannot wait to do my next piece, any ideas?
Press release from The Kent County Levy Court, 8/9/2014
Join Kent County for the Unveiling of "Sunshine":
Join Kent County Levy Court Commissioners on Tuesday, August 12, 2014, from 6:00 p.m.- 6:30 p.m. Brian Bachman, of Graydie Welding located in Camden, Delaware, will officially unveil his garden art sculpture ("Sunshine"), which is being placed at the Kent County Community Garden site located on the grounds of the Kent County Complex. "Sunshine" will be on loan to the Kent County Complex for a brief period of time. We look forward to seeing you there!
Artist Brian Bachman of Camden’s metal sculpture “Sunshine” was unveiled in a short ceremony Tuesday evening in the Kent County Community Garden site on the grounds of the Kent County Complex. (Delaware State News/Dave Chambers )

By Ashton Brown
Delaware State News

I would love to make a brass or bronze version of "SUNSHINE."
If you are interested in such a project email me.
Here's work from my local competition, check this out.

This is the railing on the Redner's they build less that a mile from my house


This corner has already popped off and been glued back on. But now the post is rusted through.
Less than a year after being installed this handrail must be ripped out and completely replaced. The ramp now also needs extensive work just to appear sturdy but concrete patches are never as strong as the original pour.
Not my work and this is why I do not drill large holes into anything outside.
I welded all these metal studs together on Limestone Road right here in Delaware for Scheibel Construction of Maryland.
Repairing steel container doors off route.#9.
This United States is 4-5 feet wide and being delivered today. $250.
here's an 9 foot tall planter I made for my wife.
playing with my plasma cutter...
more plasma cutting
A fireplace grate and a garden arbor
This Butterfly is $500 as is and about 10 feet wide laid flat.
I'm working on a giant steel flower to mount this steel butterfly sculpture.
Here's a link to my News Journal write up
And here's my write up in the Delaware State News

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