Delaware Handrails
I pulled these images off the internet, not my work but I would like to make them and I'm just waiting for someone to order one.
Today's work 3/24/2015
Today's work in North Wilmington.
Today's handrail in Marshalton.
That's beautiful Brian - thank you so much!
and today's second handrail in Chesapeake City Delaware. 3/13/2015
We did some small repairs on The Logan House today in time for St. Partick's Day.
      I don't know if I was more inspired to work this Aussie wine promo by the lyrics of Jagger/Richards or by the beautiful art sculpture by Brian Bachman. Actually when I first saw Brian's Facebook post of his steel-welded Dandelion I made 2 phone calls:  1st one was to Brian to tell him I wanted to buy his piece, and the 2nd call was to Ryan Davis of Vine Street Imports asking him if he could bring in his lineup of Dandelion Wines from Australia for me to taste.

Magic happened.

----Frank Pagliaro, owner Franks Wine.

1206 N Union St, Wilmington, DE 19806

(800) 283-7265
Thanks Frank!
Here's an AC condenser guard I made and installed at Franks Wine in Wilmington. These run a little less than the condenser itself and while that seems like alot it only seems like alot until you have to replace the condenser.
a new utility trailer floor for a friend.
$60 each for the top 2, solid 1/2" steel square bar.
Come get your St. Patricts Day gift! 3' tall and $80.
Here's a pipe railing I had to make ADA compliant by straightening out and adding a kick plate.
a handrail in Smyrna Delaware.
Below is the steel Don Quixote Sculpture I was commissioned to replace.
My latest piece, a steel sculpture of Don Quixote. This was a $900 ordered piece that will be mounted in a garden in the suburbs of Washington DC. in 3 weeks.
much fun to make and I cannot wait to do my next piece, any ideas?
I thoroughly enjoyed making this metal Don Quixote sculpture and am very anxious to start on another. If you have a character you would like to see in steel form standing in your garden send me a pic.
Press release from The Kent County Levy Court, 8/9/2014
Join Kent County for the Unveiling of "Sunshine":
Join Kent County Levy Court Commissioners on Tuesday, August 12, 2014, from 6:00 p.m.- 6:30 p.m. Brian Bachman, of Graydie Welding located in Camden, Delaware, will officially unveil his garden art sculpture ("Sunshine"), which is being placed at the Kent County Community Garden site located on the grounds of the Kent County Complex. "Sunshine" will be on loan to the Kent County Complex for a brief period of time. We look forward to seeing you there!
Artist Brian Bachman of Camden’s metal sculpture “Sunshine” was unveiled in a short ceremony Tuesday evening in the Kent County Community Garden site on the grounds of the Kent County Complex. (Delaware State News/Dave Chambers )

By Ashton Brown
Delaware State News

I would love to make a brass or bronze version of "SUNSHINE."
If you are interested in such a project emil me.
Graydie Welding is named after my daughters Graycie and Edie.
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I cannot guarantee paint  
I will give you the best paint job you can expect from a welder, if you require a professional paint job I suggest a consulting a professional painter.
For 2 years I worked in Wilmington Delaware as a Level 2 NDT Tech, (non-destructive testing) for Industrial Metal Treating inspecting welds on pressure vessels and for welder certification.
My equipment
My primary welder/generator:  Millers Big Blue Pro 300 diesel
Also on my service truck and all brand new
Miller's largest MIG welder the Extreme 12VX, one of Miller's smallest MIG welders the 211 Autoset, Miller's smallest stick welder the 150S and Millers largest plasma cutter the Spectrum 2050.
all mounted on this 2008 F-350.
Here's work from my local competition, check this out.

This is the railing on the Redner's they build less that a mile from my house


This corner has already popped off and been glued back on. But now the post is rusted through.
this handrail blows freely with the wind less than a year after being built because the supporting posts are completely rotted away.
Less than a year after being installed this handrail must be ripped out and completely replaced. The ramp now also needs extensive work just to appear sturdy but concrete patches are never as strong as the original pour.
Not my work and his is why I do not drill large holes into anything outside.
I wonder how much taxpayer money was wasted when the decision was made to drill a huge hole into that big beautiful and expensive piece of stone. Can you imagine how much it would cost to have such a stone cut delivered and replaced then have the handrail replaced and anchored in a way that would not allow water in there that would eventually crack the stone? IMO big holes should not be drilled into stone.
And here is my daughters doctors office entrance right here by our house and another example of my local competition.
my latest visit---

I can't help it. Every time I go to my girls Rx his ramp is in worse shape. They often try to patch with more concrete but that is a senseless waste of time. At this point because of this faulty railing job the entire concrete ramp needs to be jackhammered, dug up, removed and replaced. It cracked all the way thru the entire width of the ramp at every post. And there are 2 ramps like this right next to one another.

This railing is about to fall over. An accident waiting to happen.
I welded all these metal studs together on Limestone Road right here in Delaware for Scheibel Construction of Maryland.
Repairing steel container doors off rt.#9.
This United States is 4-5 feet wide and being delivered today. $250.
This is a sign and a bracket I made for a Chestertown Maryland business.
here's an 9 foot tall planter I made for my wife.
playing with my plasma cutter...
Here's a planter with 4 opposing hooks for hanging plants. $125 Ready today 3/24/2014---sold
more plasma cutting
Here is some beautiful old iron work in Wilmington Delaware.
I did not do this old work but getting this done at your house is as easy as ordering the parts and welding them together.
If you want to see this at your house give me a call
Recent work - 1/16/2014
A fireplace grate and a garden arbor
This arbor has swinging doors.  It's 60 inches wide and 7 feet tall and priced at $300.
I can ship these $60 wall hanging flower sculptures anywhere in the Continental United States for $20.
If you color choice is not available in the link below, please e-mail me and I'll paint one for you.
This Butterfly is $500 as is and about 10 feet wide laid flat.
I'm working on a giant steel flower to mount this steel butterfly sculpture.
I set up my aluminum welding equipment and gave it a shot for the first time in my life.  Not great but not bad either for my very first aluminum weld.  They'll get nothing but better from here on out.  Give me a call if you have any rough welding repairs.
Here's a link to my News Journal write up
and here it is mounted in a Wilmington Delaware Resuraunt.
And here's my write up in the Delaware State News

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