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Graydie Welding does not repair or install vinyl or any other form of plastic, but we do remove and replace with real handrails and railings that we gaurantee for life.

If I have built a handrail for you text the address to 753-0695 and I will enter it into my list for a free inspection and repaint if neccesary when Im close.
since M&T Bank wants to charge me $20 to cash one of thier own checks I no longer accept checks from M&T Bank

Here's a guarantee you'll never get from my competitors
I guarantee my handrails will remain structurally sound forever and NEVER crack your steps
Graydie Welding is named after our daughters Graycie and Edie.
Can't complain about working on the road with sunsets like this!
Todays work in Dover 2/6/2018
Today's free inspection and repaint 2/6/2018
Today's free inspection and repaint 2/6/2018
Installing window guards in Milford 1/30/18
secure those windows!
Todays work in Newark 1/31/18
Today's work in Rehoboth 1/25/18
Todays work in Rehoboth 1/24/18
Todays work in Dover 1/26/18
North Wilmington 1/16/18
North Wilmington 1/16/18
Can't complain about road work with sunsets like this!
Quick job today in Smyrna 1/13/18
Todays work in North Wilmington 1/11/18
Behind St. Marks High School
Today's work in Dover 12/17/2017
Landsdale Pennsylvania 12/14/2017
North Wilmington
12/6/17, 3 flower combinations are $80.
Todays work in Red Lion 12/1/17
Todays work in Odessa 12/2/17
Todays work at the beach
Todays work in Camden 12/4/17
A great gift from the Delaware River and Bay Lighthouse Foundation
Newark 11/15/17
Todd Estates Newark 11/14/17
Avoiding damaged steps in Wyoming
Dover Delaware 11/10/17
Camden 11/7/17
Middletown 11/4/17
Middletown 11/5/17
Recent work
Today's work in Camden De        11/2/2017
Sussex County
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Thank you for the railing. The quality is outstanding. I will probably be calling you again in the spring to install the other railing. ---Dave


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Image may contain: plant and outdoor
North Wilmington

After I do a job and get paid by a happy customer I don't normally come back and add onto that job for no charge. But this old timer is not only a retired police lieutenant but also Italian and he's just trying to do the best for his wife so he gets my full cooperation.

A small handrail I installed in Smyrna
Here's a handrail I built and installed for a retired Dover Police officer.
Today's work in Hockessin
Today's work in Stanton
This customer was not happy with the way he saw his plastic handrails being installed so he called me to install real handrails that carry a lifetime guarantee.
Today I installed 2 arbors with 2 climbing red knockout roses planted at the base of each at my dads house.
North Wilmington
West Chester
Angola by the Bay
Newark Todd Estates 2
Newark Delaware
Stanton Delaware
6/5/2017 Today we installed a set of 8' wide entrance gates in Wyoming Delaware modeled after the Scottish architect, designer, water colourist and artist Rennie Mackintosh.
Today we took this 1000 pound welder out to The Harbor of Refuge Lighthouse off Cape Henelopen for some repairs 65 feet in the air. All went well. 6/3/2017
Today's work. Great people. This guy made and laid thousands of his own tiles. Beautiful!
Planting a long row of Blackberry bushes at Dover Interfaith Mission.

I'm building and installing a set of 8' wide gates. 

The customer chose this design from a Swedish Artist.

Handrails I installed in Newark 4/22/2017
Today's work on Red Mill Rd in Newark. 5/19/17
Today's work in New Castle 5/17/17
Today's work on a beautiful house on Barley Mill Rd.
Today's work in Sussex County
Today's work in Cape Henlopen
This last job 4/29/17 was 2 sets of handrails, front and side of a beautiful house in Wild Quail west of Dover.
4/23/2017 and we are back from vacationing in Key West.
Today's work in North Wilmington 4/7/2017
Forest Ave. Dover 4/4/2017
Just off Kirkwood Highway
Legacy at Odessa National
Today's work in Dover 3/21/17
Today's handrail by Churchmans Marsh
Today's handrail in Legacy at Odessa National
Today's work in Stanton 3/9/2017
today's work in Newport
Today's work in Dover 3/6/2017
Yesterday I built and installed 3 window guards on a beautiful house in Westover Hills.
yesterdays work in Wilmington  1/7/2017
Today's work in Faulkland Heights 2/28/2017
Today's work in Middletown 3/1/2017
Today's work in Lewes
Todays work in Milford
Today's work in Townsend
Today's work in Newark Delaware
Today's work in Dover
Today's work in Dover
Todays work in Newark
Today's work in New Castle 2/8/2017
Today's work in Old New Castle 2/1/2017
Today's work in Clayton 1/28/2017
Today's work in Camden
Today's work in Dover
Today's work in Rockford Park
Today's work just off 202.
Our first honey harvest from a single hive.
Today's work in Camden De.
Last weeks work in West Dover
Last weeks work on a historic house at The Green in Dover
yesterdays work off Milltown Rd 12/14/2016
This arbor is headed 5 hours away to upstate New York

Our Champagne Tree is up and awaiting your empty bottles! For every "dead soldier" you bring in you'll get 30% off the same number of bottles... 30% off for our 30th Anniversary, CHEERS!--------Franks Wine Wilmington

Dover Delaware
Today's work in Rockford Park 12/9/16 and another very happy customer
Today's work 12/7/2016
Today's work 12/2/2016 in the Roland Park Section of Baltimore

Today's work on the front of this gorgeous house in the Roland Park section of Baltimore. Ran out of time today so in the morning I'll make the trip again and build the exact same handrails at the rear of the house.

Today's work in Rockford Park 11/28/2016
Graydie Welding does not now and has never used hollow balusters
just another reason I am able to gaurantee my work for life while my local competitors can not.
Moved a beautiful gazebo today, 9/2/2016

Working at the postal inspectors shooting range today. I have no idea who built and installed these handrails and although they look good they have already cracked the concrete in a dozen spots.

Don't let anyone bore big holes in your concrete brick block or stone!
Here is an entrance gate in Centerville De Irenee Dupont and I repaired together.

I welded the fixture mounts to these light poles in Wild Quail.

Stop by and pick something out.
Apparently my sculpture at The Kent County Levy Court is a Pokemon Stop.

Done. Paint tomorrow then ready for pickup and installation at a new Mexican restaurant opening in Rehoboth.

another load of old handrails headed for recycling 7/1/2016
Recently drove by a sign I made for a local salon.
This is a 10 feet by 9 feet piece I made for a local customer. 2/14/16




Out to dinner with my younger brother and his family and look what's on the wall Brian Bachman!!

---Sophie DuPont at Bistro Jacques in Wilmington Delaware

I just picked up my daughter at Central Middle School in Dover. Here's another example of why you should never let a contractor bore big holes in anything outside.
Latest project
Brian Bachman, you added such class to North Union Street today! -----Frank Pagliaro
11/25/2015, my wife and I donating Platelets at the blood bank
I went to this beautiful house today 10/14/2015  ---
and found this crooked mess out back,
so I ripped out...
And I installed a proper handrail.

A gift from William K DuPont of Newark Delaware for getting a dozen 20' deer stands and 25 goose nesting platforms built and installed in a very limited amount of time. 1925 Severn Hall

3 years ago...
It was 3 years ago I spent a week volunteering with artist Robert Stackhouse rebuilding his brass sculpture The Delaware Passage at The Copeland Sculpture Garden located on the grounds of The Delaware Art Museum. This was my first time brazing brass and it worked out fantastic!
Some recent welding at a shooting range. Very interesting.
Sold $80, flower box for a deck.
Here are some solid steel flower garden borders. These are for those take their gardening seriously as they are about half the price of a handrail the same length.

12 feet tall. This will make a great climbing rose trellis. It needs a tight climber so it will maintain the cross shape in flower. $200.

All position aluminum pipe welding on a rocking boat at Indian River Marina.
Come pick something out at 100 Old North Rd.
I did some volunteer work up at Riverview Cemetery in Wilmington today.
People keep ripping the perimeter fence apart so they can cut thru the cemetery instead of walking around.
Here's more aluminum railing headed for the scrap yard. People keep putting it in and I keep ripping it out. Installing this of aluminum handrail and railing is a mistake people only make once.
My work horse!
These crosses are about 16 inches. $40 each.
Today 5/28/2015 I will volunteer at Riverview Cemetery in Wilmington repairing some old wrought iron fence.
Here's an AC condenser guard I made and installed at Franks Wine in Wilmington. These run a little less than the condenser itself and while that seems like a lot it only seems like a lot until you have to replace the condenser.
a new utility trailer floor for a friend.
Below is the steel Don Quixote Sculpture I was commissioned to replace.
My latest piece, a steel sculpture of Don Quixote. This was a $900 ordered piece that will be mounted in a garden in the suburbs of Washington DC. in 3 weeks.
Press release from The Kent County Levy Court, 8/9/2014
Join Kent County for the Unveiling of "Sunshine":
Join Kent County Levy Court Commissioners on Tuesday, August 12, 2014, from 6:00 p.m.- 6:30 p.m. Brian Bachman, of Graydie Welding located in Camden, Delaware, will officially unveil his garden art sculpture ("Sunshine"), which is being placed at the Kent County Community Garden site located on the grounds of the Kent County Complex. "Sunshine" will be on loan to the Kent County Complex for a brief period of time. We look forward to seeing you there!
Artist Brian Bachman of Camden’s metal sculpture “Sunshine” was unveiled in a short ceremony Tuesday evening in the Kent County Community Garden site on the grounds of the Kent County Complex. (Delaware State News/Dave Chambers )

By Ashton Brown
Delaware State News

I would love to make a brass or bronze version of "SUNSHINE."
If you are interested in such a project email me.
I welded all these metal studs together on Limestone Road right here in Delaware for Scheibel Construction of Maryland.
Repairing steel container doors off route.#9.
here's an 9 foot tall planter I made for my wife.
Here's a link to my News Journal write up
And here's my write up in the Delaware State News

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